Florian Ahloumessou

Seed is the main component of the agriculture, improve it through a good quality seed should be the best ways for agricultural development across Africa, especially in West Africa where farmers are still sowed their saved seed. To supply a quality seed to the farmers, he chose WACCI’s programme through the honored DAAD scholarship to be able to give good seed to the farmers and trigger the development of agriculture in West Africa especially in Bénin. Of his name Florian Ahloumessou, after his high school diploma in Biology –Geology in 2012, he has been admitted to one of the greatest Faculty of his country named Faculty of Agricultural Science of University of Abomey-Calavi in Bénin where he graduated in Science and Techniques of Crop production of this Faculty in 2015. His Bachelor’s work carried on the characterization of the peanut cropping system and marketing in a peasant farm. After that, he worked as a Research Assistant under laboratory of plant Biology of this faculty where he collected data in effect of climate changes on phenological characteristics and yield of the cashew. These research experiences enable him to well-known some of key things that hamper the seed quality and then the yield.

Doing a Mphil in Seed Science and Technology is an opportunity for him to well known the seed in its various aspects. Well-known and producing a quality seed are the key interests of West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (WACCI) choice. He think hopefully that he will get all the knowledge that will enable him to be a good seed Scientist in the future to address some of the quality seed problems in the world.