Ngalamu T. Macinnes

Ngalamu and his twin brother Captain Katra are first born to an Accountant and Educationist. Farming is not a joke in the family particularly during rainy season. As a result Tony develops interest to study crop plants, their establishment, growth and development. In addition, his icon is an agrarian who indeed influenced his mind and inculcate the spirit and zeal of contributing towards food and nutrition secure household in the then Southern Sudan. Tony studied Agricultural Sciences for BSc (corn) and worked on soybean for his Masters of Science. Upon completion he won IFS Individual grant to carry out research on cowpea. This success boosted his zeal in cowpea improvement. In 2013, Ngalamu won a grant from AGRA to kick start cowpea improvement programme in South Sudan. Coming to WACCI is timely and desire of his heart. When the offer to study at West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement came his way, Tony was so excited and considered himself blessed. He is the pioneer cowpea breeder in his country, first South Sudanese in University of Ghana and WACCI.” You can count these as my blessing’’.  Ngalamu is credibly grateful to the Centre for empowering him with tools and skills required for both his academic and research endeavour. I am a proud member of this World Centre of Excellence in Agriculture.