Wendm Ygzaw Gesesew

I was born to parents with farming background in Ethiopia. I have studied my senior secondary school in Shire, a small city in Ethiopia. After the completion of my senior secondary school, I joined Mekelle University to pursue my undergraduate study in Dryland Crop and Horticultural Sciences under horticulture stream. Immediately after graduation, I was recruited as a graduate assistant in Mekelle University, Ethiopia. After working for two years in Mekelle University, I got scholarship from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel from where I graduated MSc in Horticulture. I returned back to Mekelle University and I have been working as an academic staff where my main activities were: teaching to undergraduate students, conducting problem solving researches and doing community services. My previous research activities were mainly related to stress physiology and horticulture. Thus, most of the results of my previous research activities ended up, in one way or another, recommending plant breeders to work on and improve certain important traits. Now I have joined West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (WACCI) for a PhD study in plant breeding. Joining WACCI is a good opportunity to link my previous experience in plant physiology to plant breeding. I am confident that this program will help me to contribute more to food and nutrition security in Africa where food security is still a big challenge despite the availability of the resources.