Dieni Zakaria

I hold in high esteemall the men and women who spend their lives in the field for the honorable reason of feeding the world population. Hopefully I will meet end-user s expectations in cowpea breeding.
Zakaria was born in 1987 in the Northern South part of Burkina Faso where Agriculture represents over 90% of the activities. Born to parents who practice Agriculturehe learnt so early how to do it. Then form his primary school up to the universityhe combined schoolfield works and Pasturage. So he is familiar with several crops (sorghumpearl milletmaizericecowpea groundnutBambara groundnutsesame etc) and livestock. He is also familiar with many wild animal species for the reason that he liked hunting. He attended the Department of plant Biology and Physiology in the University of Ouagadougou because he felt in love with genetics from his secondary school. He graduated for his Bachelor degree in Biology and Chemistry and his second degree in Plant Biology and Physiology at the University of Ouagadougou. He further attended the newly born Master programme in Genetic and Plant Breeding. From there he joined the National Institute for Environment and Agricultural Research (INERA). He graduated for his M.Sc. degree in 2012 at the University of Ouagadougou. At INERA he worked with the leguminous programme specifically cowpea breeding section. The main goal of his research is to release high yielding varieties combining farmerspreferred traits and resistance to the main constraints in cowpea breeding. Having the opportunity to join the WACCI PhD programme in Plant Breeding sponsored by AGRAZakaria strongly expect to contribute actively to the reinforcement of plant breeding capacity in his country. To him this starts with achieving brilliantly his research project on cowpea resistance to Alectra vogellii Benth.. Zakaria chose to work on a parasitic weed for the reason that the parasitic weeds are one of the major constraints in cowpea breeding in Burkina Faso. The next step will involve pyramiding genes of resistance to Striga gesnerioides and Alectra vogellii in cowpea high yielding varieties. He is single.