Sambou Aissatou

This is a dream that becomes a reality. I m happy to undergo training for PhD in plant breeding and crop improvement. My name is Aissatou and I m a Senegalese. I started primary school at when I was 5 years old and after I obtained my high school diploma at 19 years oldI went to Cheikh Anta Diop University. I studied Natural Science specifically Plant science. My first degree was in plant biology. Then I continued for a master in Plant biotechnology and microbiology in the same University. During my Master s degree in 2012 I did only lab works. I never went the field. I did some practical trainings on pearl millet at CERAAS a research centre in Senegal which specializes in drought tolerance. My dearest wish at that time was to be able to communicate with plantslisten to the plantstalk to themable to recognize which plant is not happy and why? When I was thinking the way to do that I got the scholarship from WAAPP to attend WACCI PhD program. My crop of interest for my PhD is groundnut. I m sure that WACCI PhD program will provide me the knowledge and network I need to be who I want to be in a few years and (ii) to contribute to the development of agriculture in my country. I thank a lot all who in diverse ways have contributed to making me who I am today. My utmost gratitude to WAAPP and WACCI.