Kassari Ango

I have always had a passion for Agriculture since I was a child. Every weekendI followed my father to his garden where he used to cultivate some vegetables such as tomatocarrots and lettuces. After my secondary school education my passion changed to medicine but destiny did not allow me to be registered as a Medical student. So I was advised to go for Biology.
Born in a modest family of 14 childrenin Niameycapital of Niger. At my young age I was conscious of food insecurity in my country and then I realized that it will be important to contribute to rural development through crop improvement.
I obtained my BSc. degrees in Agronomy from IPRIFRA de Katibougou and Biochestry from university of Mali. After which I went for the MSc in Management of animals and vegetable resources in the tropics at Gembloux AGROBIOtech University of Liege Belgium.
After graduationI worked at the International Center of Research Institute of Semi-arid and Tropics (ICRISAT) in the Pearl millet Breeding program before I joined the National Institute of Agronomy Research of Niger (INRAN). My little experience and exposure at those institute increased my interest in Pearl millet (Pennicetum glucum) which is one of the major crop cultivated in Niger. It was due to the quest for knowledge that I thought it was better for me to move forward for a PhD degree in Plant breeding. The platform created by WACCI actually made my aspiration a reality. I hope that through the qualities of courses and training obtainedI will be part of the researchers that will be privileged to proffer solutions to the challenge of food insecurity in my country.