Doumbia Ibrahima Zan

Ibrahima Dumbia Zan is my name. I was born in BougouniMali (Sikasso)I am the sixth child of my mother. Son of an agronomist and a housewifeSiaka DOUMBIA and Fanta TOGOLA respectively. I developed interest in agriculture at a young age when I started helping labourers on my father's farm during the holidays.
I studied Biological Science in Secondary School Kalilou FOFANA (Bougouni) and received a High School Diploma. I then continued to the University where I got my Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology at the Facult des Sciences et Techniques (FAST) Universit de BamakoMali. After graduationI did my attachment at the Molecular Biology Laboratory (Plant Biotechnology Unit) at my former University for three months. It was at there I discovered the importance of agriculture through the use of molecular technologies. This attachment aroused my curiosity and made me apply to study Plant Improvement at the postgraduate level Universit de Bamako (FAST). To gain a better understanding of the plantsI move from the laboratory to the field for my thesis research at the Institut Economie Rurale (IER). Following thisI was awarded this Master's degree in 2009. Because of the need for proficiency in EnglishI decided to apply for another master's programme at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in KumasiGhana under the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) scholarships.  I have decided to improve my knowledge in the field Agriculture and plant breeding to help farmer's better their lives through the development of new crop varieties and strategies for crop cultivation. My focus crop is cowpeafaced with the challenges of population growthfood insecurity and climate changethe cowpea would be one of the most important crops for farmers because it is adaptable to several areas of the world. The improvement of this crop against biotic and abiotic constraints combined with proper agricultural practices can contribute to the fight against hunger.  I think the WACCI PhD Plant Breeding programmeat the University of GhanaLegonwill give the opportunity to achieve my aim of contributing towards food security issue in Africa. I thank AGRA for the sponsorship and making it possible for me to be part of the new generation of breeders working to improve upon their skills. My expectation from WACCI is to learn something which can have a great impact in MaliAfrica and the world.