Anyaoha Christian Okechukwu

ANYAOHAChristian Okechukwu was born in UmauhiaAbia state of Nigeria. He was exposed to the beauty and gains that come from agriculture early in life by being opportune to grow up within the environs of National Root Crops Research InstituteUmudike charged with the mandate to improve root and tuber crops in Nigeria.
As a primarysecondary school boy growing up and surrounded by research scientists and experimental plots he realised thatand crops in these fields looked bigger and yielded better when compared to the once that were harvested in the rural area by his grandmothers and uncles each time he visited the village during the Christmas holidays. This ignited his interest in agricultural related programs in order to have a proper understanding of the secrete behind increasing the general output of crops grown by our rural farmers and also to ensure that those in the rural areas have yields comparable to those he observed within the institute.  In order to equip himself with the task of providing improved crop varieties with better yield and better adaptation to our rural poor resourced farmershe obtained Bachelor in Agricultural. Technology in Crop and soil Science Technologyfrom Federal University of Technology Owerriand MSc. in Agronomy (Plant breeding) from Agronomy DepartmentUniversity of IbadanNigeria. He is currently working with National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT)Ibadan as a plant breeder. "I am very grateful to God almighty and WACCI for this great opportunity to be better equipped with the theoretical and practical craft and skills needed for breeding and release of new improved varieties that will help improve the life of poor resourced farmers in Nigeria at the end of my programme".