Bissah Matilda Ntowa

"The greatest quest in life is to reach one's potential" I am gradually getting there".  Matilda was born to Mr. John Benjamin Bissah and madam Agnes Oppong in AsankrangwaGhana.
Though both parents were teachersmembers of the extended family were mainly food crop and cocoa farmers. Having shared the joy and pain of a bumper and poor harvestShe developed the interest to pursue studies which will help increase farmers harvest. Matilda obtained her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Plant Physiology from the University of Ghana and has since been working with the CSIR- Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute (PGRRI) to conserve the genes that will confer useful traits on root and tuber crops. The green revolution passed Africa by because it did not have the human resources and capacity to apply the technologies. The onus lies on usAfricans to improve our own food crops and ensure we are food secure. "I am happy for the opportunity to train as a plant breederto make use of the Plant Genetic Resources that I have conserved over the years to develop superior varieties which will meet the emerging challenges of agriculture in the face of climate change. I would like to express my profound gratitude to WACCI and AGRA for this enviable offer"