Massaoudou Hamidou

Hamidou was born in Dosso in the western part of Niger. He undertook his primary and college education in Maradi in the southern part and Niamey the capital of Niger.
During his childhood dayHamidou spent his long vacations in his village where he participated in all farming activities from sowing to harvesting. This gave him an insight into developing his carrier agriculture. After his primary and secondary educationHamidou decided to study agriculture in Nigeria at the University of Agriculture Abeokuta (UNAAB) to enable him contribute in finding solutions to production constraints which he is already familiar with. After his Bachelor's degree in AgricultureHamidou joined sorghum breeding program in the National Institute for Agricultural Research of Niger (INRAN). He worked as research assistant and contributed actively in sorghum breeding and seed production program of the institute.  After some years of acquired experienceHamidou went to Belgium for a Master's degree in Plant Resources Management at the faculty of Agronomic SciencesUniversity of Gembloux. Sorghum is one of the important cereals grown in Niger. Likewise other cropssorghum production is facing so many constraints among which a devastating infestation of a weed called Striga. SoHamidou's aim is to contribute in improving sorghum production in Niger through breeding sorghum for Striga resistance.  "I believe that with the supports and training we are receiving from WACCI in various aspects of plant breedingI will be able to contribute towards achieving food security in West Africa and beyond".