Diebiru Mercy Elohor

The teaching and practice of agriculture with so much dexteritydiscipline and passion by my lecturers in my undergraduate days made me realise that food security is the most serious and important business in the world today and it has borne my craving to be part of this business''.
Born as the sixth child in a family of eight to Mr and Mrs Daniel Diebiru in the city of LagosNigeria Elohor wasn't really exposed to agriculture at her tender age but the curiosity of how coconut grew on trees and yam tubers in the soil and why not vice versa triggered her studying agriculture. She obtained a BSc. degree in crop science from the Delta state university Nigeria and proceeded to do her Master's in Crop Protection and Environmental Biology at the University of IbadanNigeria.  Mercy works at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) at the Genetic Resources Centre and cassava breeding programme as a conservation specialist majorly in vegetatively propagated crops.  Her interest for the WACCI breeding programme will be in the exploration and improvement of the nutritional status basically protein in cassavaseeing the success in the just released high carotene cassava varieties and the benefits to humanity.  "The WACCI PhD Programme is a great opportunity for me in the realisation of my dreams of being among the generation of plant breeders who will work towards upholding and ensuring food security in Africa".