Sanogo Ousmane

"Little by little the bird builds its nest "So I thank God who is the guide of every one of us to be and become what we are. Ousmane Sanogo was born in Yorossoa small city of Sikasso which constitutes the Southern Region of Mali. During his childhood dayshe saw farmers growing staple and industrial cropsand wondered how he could help farmerssolve some of their production problems Having done his Baccalaureate in Biological SciencesOusmane went to the Polytechnic Rural Institute of Education and Applied Research of Katibougou (IPRIFRA in Mali) and obtained his Bachelor degree in Agronomy in the year 2000. Then in 2005 he won a Belgium scholarship and did his MSc. in International Crop Protection (BelgiumFrance) after working at ICRISAT Bamako for some years.In 2008Ousmane joined AVRDC-The World Vegetable Center in Bamako and worked as Research Assistant in Vegetable breeding for 8 months as and later became the Vegetable Seed Specialist (Seed multiplier and germplasm manager) in the same Institute. Therehe worked with producersseed companiesstakeholders and international researchers in vegetable and seed production. "I was encouraged by many of my colleagues and network partners to apply for AGRA fellowships" he said. Oismane thinks the WACCI fellowship is a great programme. He believe it will provides young scientists with up-to-date scientific knowledge in plant breeding as well as provide the opportunity to meet and link up with scientists in other parts of the world and also opens a wider window to think and solve problems and deliver better research product. Thanks to AGRAWACCI and others the other partnering institutionsI am on my way to attaining sufficient knowledge to act and work hard to increase the production of resource poor farmers and put a smile on their faces. Iwish and believe on together we can.