Students' Research

Name Thesis Title Cohort Home Country
Souleymane Abdou Evaluation of diverse Niger cowpea germplasm for P. use efficiency Cohort 7 Niger
Kayondo Siraj Ismail Genome wide association analysis and gene introgression for resistance to CBSD Cohort 7 Uganda
Olumide Alabi Alaba Empirical estimation of genetic gains in cassava using genomic selection in a one-year breeding cycle Cohort 7 Nigeria
Ezenwaka Lydia Chidimma Allele mining for cassava green mite resistance in Nigeria Cohort 7 Nigeria
Diop Bathe Determination of the genetic architecture of iron toxity tolerance in West African rice cultivars Cohort 7 Senegal
Karim Kumba Yannah Genetic analysis for high starch, dry matter content and root yield in Cassava. Cohort 7 Sierra Leone
Dawud Maryam Abba Cohort 8 Nigeria
Utoblo Obaiya Grace Cohort 8 Nigeria
Banla Modom Cohort 8 Togo
Dadzie Abu Mustapha Cohort 8 Ghana
Seyni Ousmane Diakite Cohort 8 Niger
Melomey Leander Dede Cohort 8 Ghana
Dewa Messan Koussakana Cohort 8 Togo
Ssremba Godfrey Cohort 8 Uganda
Obeng-Bio Ebenezer Cohort 8 Ghana