Students' Research

Name Thesis Title Cohort Home Country
Ahiamadia Ivy Odi Cohort 3 Ghana
Abigail Kusiator Cohort 3 Ghana
Dr. Perpetua Okoro Strategies to enhance the use of inbreds and genetic diversity to produce superior cassava varieties. Cohort 4 Nigeria
Dr. Sissoko Sory Marker assisted selection for post-flowering drought tolerance in Sorghum bicolor [L.] Moench. Cohort 4 Mali
Dr. Priscilla Adofo Combining ability and heterotic groupings of intermediate maturing tropical Maize (Zea mays) inbreds and hybrid performance under Low- and high- soil nitrogen environments. Cohort 4 Ghana
Dr. Nofou Ouedraogo Breeding to improve post-flowering drought tolerance into local sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L) Moench] cultivars in Burkina Faso Cohort 4 Burkina Faso
Dr. Maureen Fonji Nkoumki Genetic analysis of biological nitrogen fixation efficiency of cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] in low phosphorus soils. Cohort 4 Cameroon
Dr. Mahamadou Salifou Genetic studies of cowpea varieties [Vigna unguiculata (L.)WALP] for resistance to Striga gesnerioides [Wild.] Vatke in Niger Cohort 4 Niger
Dr. Ibitoye Olubunmi Dorcas Genetic analysis of inheritance of resistance to bacterial blight disease in cowpea Cohort 4 Nigeria
Dr. matilda Ntowa Bissah Cohort 5 Ghana
Dr. Samuel Oppong Abebrese Cohort 5 Ghana
Dr. Mercy E. A. Diebiru Cohort 5 Nigeria
Dr. Christian O. Anyaoha Cohort 5 Nigeria
Dr. Solomon O. afuape Cohort 5 Nigeria
Dr. Zara S. Nikiema Cohort 5 Burkin-Faso